After her formative years in business administration from Singapore Polytechnic Phyllis started her career at Jetaime Jewellery. Her interests, however, gradually shifted towards diamond grading and gemology. Her disposition to learning about diamonds, its grading techniques and quality assessment transpired out of her willingness to experiment in a field so new and so complex.

The overall experience with diamond grading and sorting to quality enabled Phyllis to venture into manufacturing and casing. She also gained immense knowledge about the diamond business in Japan and the Middle East during her flourishing career. To supplement her acumen further in diamond grading, Phyllis joined a full-time certified course at GIA in Singapore. After her diploma in graduate gemology from GIA, Phyllis had an edge over the others in the industry concerning diamond grading and identifying gems and color stones.

She joined a diamond wholesale company in Singapore. It was during this time that Phyllis had scope to understand, another side of the jewellery business – design and craftsmanship. She was able to quickly grasp the nuances of making jewellery and got to travel to countries like Hong Kong and Switzerland to gain a more global perspective. Later at Kim,T, Phyllis explored its huge retail market and dealt with customizing and designing  jewellery to suit the needs of a person intrigued her the most. As her interest shifted to designing, Phyllis followed her instincts to getting into designing full-time. She worked at Flower for a year and the next biggest break was at Facets Singapore. Facets offered her a great learning experience as she dealt mainly with diamonds which was right up her alley. She exhibited her strong foundation knowledge in diamonds along with designing and made some remarkable pieces during this time. Finally Phyllis decided to become an independent artist and created a niche for herself in this field of design with a wide clientele.

When it comes to customizing jewellery, Phyllis always likes to have a head start on what the client prefers. This enables her to understand their liking more than to decide on her own on what would suit them. Phyllis loves to design earrings, as there is a lot to explore without any restriction on its construction. She feels that earrings make a face more attractive than any other jewellery.

Her most remarkable design till date is her Cherry Blossom Collection made out of unconventional material such as conch shell for the flower’s shape and color. Her inspirations are mostly nature and architecture. She loves working with earthy and organic materials such as fossil, conch, mother of pearl, wood, semiprecious gemstones and diamonds as they all have a deep rooted connection with nature.

Phyllis’ style is classic, elegant and something that is wearable on many occasions. She also enjoys working on elaborate designs as she can play around with different stones, shapes and structures. Her creative talent also extends to making jewellery out of lamp work glass beads. Phyllis aspires to earn global recognition in the years to come and she is surely in the right place for that.

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