Jeremy majored in Fashion Design for womenswear and graduated from Central St Martin’s in 2000. In the same year, he started a costume jewellery label ‘Jeremy & Biba’ with business partner Biba Jansonius. Jeremy hasn’t looked back since. Jeremy’s oeuvre include garments, leather, costume and fine jewellery design. The number of Jeremy’s creations that have made it to the production lines are so significantly high that he’s lost count of them years ago.

His creations strongly lean towards avant-garde. As a commercial designer, Jeremy’s unique selling points are adaptability and versatility, which enable him to adequately fulfill the needs of his clients. He is deeply inspired by anything modern be it life, art or love. His innate ability to design anywhere and everywhere with just his laptop makes him a strong force to reckon with. Amongst choice of materials, Jeremy fancies working with coloured diamonds the most.

Rave reviews and accolades have all naturally found their way to Jeremy. He won ‘Dolls Against Addiction’, a fashion design competition, in his graduation year as well as the ‘Tissavel Fur Award”. Jeremy & Biba has been featured in leading fashion publications such as Vogue UK, ID UK, Dazed & Confused UK, and Self Service Paris, Ryuko Tsushin Tokyo to name the top few.  Their creations have been stocked by specialty boutiques in Paris (Galeries Lafayette, Maria Luisa), in London (Kokon Tozai), in Hong Kong (Shine) and Japan (Diptrics).

Jeremy’s favourite designers are Suzanne Belperron, Verdura, JAR, Monies and Patricia Von Musulin. When asked what bespoke jewellery means to him, he quotes the famous words from Diana Vreeland, “luxury is the absence of vulgarity”. Jeremy believes that bespoke jewellery should be understated, intimate and unique to the individual.

He recommends that people try and seek to express their soul rather than their status through jewellery. Jeremy signs off by sharing one of the most valuable lessons he’s learnt from clients – listening.

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