Towards the end of his foundation course in gold and silver smithing from Lasalle College of Arts, Jimmy began work as a product designer at Risis where he experimented with smithing techniques. Jimmy also learnt the basics of forging & modeling, which taught him what it takes to be a craftsman. Inspired deeply by the lines and strokes of calligraphy, Jimmy created works of cutlery and silverware, which stand out as some of his best pieces of work till date.

Jewellery design kindled his interest and urged Jimmy to pursue the art. He later joined Goldheart where he constructed some highly complex master-models at the factory. When Lee-Hwa acquired Goldheart, Jimmy’s role transitioned to a full time jewellery designer. In the new role, he faced challenging projects and with the support of his mentors and superiors, Jimmy soon became an ace at conceptual and technical design. His next roles came at JB Jewellery from Hong Kong, Tian Po and Forever Jewels. All 3 companies brought limitless travel opportunities for Jimmy who was then able to enhance his understanding of various countries and cultures. The Middle-Eastern market, in particular, brought new and interesting challenges with its heavy, intricate pieces and much scope for a designer to explore. Jimmy’s thirst for learning never ceased due to his long-standing belief that an artist is like a sponge that constantly keeps absorbing knowledge. Although knowledge gained from art, music, architecture, nature, books or people provide inspiration in abundance, Jimmy truly believes that an inspiration for an artist comes from within.

Jimmy’s expression of art was not limited to just jewellery design, but also extended to other art forms such as dance. Ballet was something he started as a child but soon realized how passionate and addictive it really was. Ballet soon served as a channel to express his emotions.  Not surprisingly, one of his collections is inspired by a theme from ballet called ‘frozen time’- a structural and an exceptional body of work that depicts the aesthetics of a watch without its hands.
Jimmy’s insight on life also deeply influences his ideas in jewellery design.  He is a firm believer that jewellery, which emotes and means something special for the wearer is worth more than the material or stones that are used in its creation. Jimmy expresses his designs in simple lines or curves that work well with the flow and shape of the body. He strictly adheres to the “universal law of change” and this is reflective in his flexible, organic and innovative style. Complimenting this flexibility is Jimmy’s strong grip on constantly evolving trends, ideas, preferences and taste.  Open to new chapters and new challenges in his life, Jimmy has made us proud by launching a silver and leather jewellery collection under his label ‘Joie de Vivre’ (Joy of Life).  Innovation and change are his main guidelines for success to which he is nothing less than ‘spot on’. Jimmy’s dream is to start his own brand and to achieve the status of an ‘International Mason’. He wishes to pass down the brand and its story to generations, just like a valued piece of jewellery.

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