Lynette has over 10 years experience in jewellery designing in Singapore. She has travelled world wide to imbibe the art and culture of different countries and infuse it into her designs. Her incredible knowledge of the jewellery making business and its nuances makes her an all-rounder in this field.

Little does one know that behind this extremely stylish and ever cheerful Lynette lies a story of struggle, hardship and modesty. What might now look like a well-manicured hand sketching impeccable jewellery designs was once greased and put to use in fish markets.

Born in a small town in Malaysia, Lynette is from a background where her parents saved up just enough money to provide her a basic education. Accepting the financial burden on her tender shoulders, her journey of struggle started early childhood in the fish market, peeling prawn shells every weekend with her mother for minimum wage. After completing high school, her friends joined universities , whilst she worked as a machine operator in an industrial factory for two years to save up for her studies. Focusing her interest on art that came naturally and effortlessly, Lynette decided to pursue her career in the field of design.

In 1998, Lynette saw potential to grow in Singapore and was determined to study design at NAFA. The foundation course helped her explore the various fields of design such as interior, fashion, jewellery, graphics and she soon discovered her passion to create beautiful things in the field of Jewellery Design. Her lecturers and fellow students soon appreciated Lynette’s talent as she won many design competitions during the course. She was also a finalist in the Tian Po Inter School Jewellery Design Competition, which gave her immense confidence and recognition amongst peers in Singapore.

Things were looking bright but not for long. Luck had its way and Lynette again found herself in the middle of financial turmoil. When she decided to return to the factory as a machine operator, Tian Po offered her a job as the assistant jewellery designer. This was her first real break and a truly high-profile job. Her dedication to the new role and her flair for design was well recognized. All her sketches were approved and sent to manufacturing in spite of being a rookie designer in quite a mature industry. With the industry experience and finances to support, Lynette completed her final year. Lynette’s proficiency in her course won her the ‘The Best Graduate of the Year’ – a prestigious award for outstanding achievement to just one student amongst the many in school.

After graduation, Lynette was fortunate to work in De Stijl Jewel and Yuli Inc Fine Jewellery for a few months where she gained precious knowledge from her superiors. Later, Forever Jewels opened the doors to wonderful opportunities where she went from strength to strength. Globe trotting across many countries to understand jewellery from different cultures, people, history, fashion and trends, Lynette gained in knowledge of not just design but the entire jewellery industry and its business. She frequently worked from the factory in order to supervise the jewellery making process. This enabled Lynette to understand the intricacies and nuances of making jewellery right from its conception to point of sale. As a loyal and dedicated employee of Forever Jewels, Lynette soon led the design team and handled over 100 over and designed more than 120 collections in 7 years. Lynette’s humble and modest personality captured the hearts of many clients and customers around the world who continue their association with her till date. Resting on her laurels, Lynette is now a true inspiration to the next generation.

Lynette’s design ideology is to customize jewellery based on one’s personality, skin color, shape and attitude. Jewellery for her is a piece of art that looks best on the person than on paper. She loves to create jewellery for those who love it from the bottom of their heart. Her design expression is modern and contemporary but with a strong essence of tradition. Soft, gentle and feminine, her designs are unique and avantgarde. A practical thinker, Lynette’s dream is to create jewellery that will be treasured for life and passed on to generations. She strongly believes that originality will truly make her distinct in the years to come.

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