Pigeon graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Goldsmiths) from Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan. She quickly came to recognize her design calling inspired by the natural world. Pigeon’s instincts attracted her towards anything that was natural and beautiful. For years, she has been innately fascinated by beautiful pieces of art inspired by nature. In fact, Pigeon’s favourite creations till date bear a strong resemblance to the natural beauty of flora & fauna. Her minimal style captures and showcases nature’s native radiance. Being an adventure seeker, Pigeon not only draws inspiration from sightings of nature but also through the lens of her travel camera. An avid traveller, she’s captured some amazing moments, which have ended up as beautiful creations of jewellery.

Brimming with talent in her college days, awards naturally found their way towards Pigeon. Product Excellence & Precision Awards for the 1999 CKW watches “Dress Your Time” Jewellery Design Competition, the 2000 SWATCH Irony/Metal Creative Competition, and The 2000 MIROR Amber And Pearl Competition to name the important few. With such awards under her belt, Pigeon set foot into the industry as a very young but prodigal jewellery designer.

After graduation in 2001, Pigeon started her dream career at Forever Jewels as designer. Since then, Pigeon’s fantastic career spans 12 years to date where the quantification of success has been breathtaking with over a thousand creations being manufactured. Pigeon’s face gleams with excitement as she narrates her experience to be interviewed by Connie Ng (of Hong Kong Jewellery Magazine) and being featured in a 3-page article in the mag’s December 2007 issue titled ‘Exploring Pigeon Wong’s Design Journey’.

On the lighter side, Pigeon loves the comfort of her home specifically at her desk, using a technical 0.25mm pencil with professional stencils to create and a paintbrush to render the design in 3D. She loves gemstones and doesn’t battle an eyelid to happily state ‘diamonds are definitely my best friend’. Van Cleef & Arpels, in particular their signature Zip Necklace (1950) is amongst her favorite designs till date.

Pigeon is currently engaged in producing a masterpiece tailored to her client as she aims to create a brand that is modern, relevant and necessary. She cannot stress more the challenge and importance in striking a balance between art and commercial Value. Her favorite part, however, is the satisfaction she achieves in expressing the abstract essence of her inspiration in the actual design.

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