An Orchestra of Soloists

Be drawn into the manifestation of impeccable skill, unique style and a fire that burns for the ultimate craft. Discover the individuals with indestructible passion to weave your heart’s desire. Meet the brilliant designers.



Cheerful, creative and modest, Lynette, has over 10 years experience in classic-modern and feminine style of jewellery design. Her artistic designs transform into stunning pieces of coveted jewellery.

The journey of a machine operator working for wages at a fish market to a diamond jewellery designer, is what makes Lynette truly special. Creating remarkable and valuable jewellery designs and adding her own personal touch to every piece of jewellery. Cheerful, modest and extremely dedicated to her work, Lynette believes designs created from the heart will be loved and cherished forever. With the perfect mix of comprehension and style, Lynette balances the needs of her clients to perfectly suit their appearance and personality.

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