Frequently Asked Questions


About Designers

What is the profile of the selected designers?

The designers are Singapore jewellery designers, selected by the directors of ‘I am brilliant, too’ and a board of international diamond jewellery experts. Each designer has minimum of 6 years of design experience, have won awards or accolades over the years. This group of designers represent a significant core of the most talented jewellery designers in Singapore.

Why should I choose an 'I am brilliant, too' designer?

Choosing an 'I am brilliant, too' designer comes with the unique benefit of meeting a select group of the most talented and passionate designers in Singapore under a respected and trusted label. It is your assurance of receiving premium quality services and collaborating with true jewellery experts to create your own unique 'Made in Singapore' piece of jewellery.

How do I select a jewellery designer suited to my needs?

Each designer has his/her own style, influences and sensibility. Modern, classic, contemporary, art deco etc…The most important starting point is to appreciate not only the style of the designer but his/her personality; you need to develop the confidence and understanding that only a face to face meeting can bring. We make it convenient to meet the designer via the appointment page on the website.

Where do I meet the designer?

The first meeting with the designer will take place in our office on Orchard Road. The venue for the next meetings is at your discretion, but usually clients prefer our office space in order to have access to our diamonds and gemstones inventory.

May I contact them directly?

Only after your first exploratory meeting with the designer in our office, if there is a desire to proceed to the next stage, clients are free to interact and meet with the designers according to mutual convenience.

About Custom design Jewellery

What do you mean by custom design?

Custom design is not just a jewellery creation made by a Singapore jewellery designer and manufactured in Singapore. Custom designed jewellery by 'I am brilliant, too' is a unique experience beginning in an unhurried, comfortable environment, where clients meet inspired professionals to jointly create their own exquisite piece of jewellery.

What are the charges for custom design jewellery?

The charges for custom design jewellery include the design consultation and manufacturing cost. Customized jewellery may cost more than a mass-produced item, but you will receive much greater value for money alongside the satisfaction of owning a special piece of jewellery tailor made to your choice, style and budget. Compared to luxury branded jewellery, 'I am brilliant, too' custom jewellery is less expensive but comparable in quality and finish.

Would you be able to advise me on the price of the item before it is made?

Yes, once the design specifics are approved, we will give you an estimate of the final price for the piece of jewellery with a breakdown of costs, including metal, stones and design fees.

How long is the process from approval of the initial design to delivering the finished piece?

From the design consultation stage to the manufacturing of the final item, it generally takes between 4 to 10 weeks for a piece to be crafted. The design stage usually takes 1 to 3 weeks, while the average production time ranges from 3 to 6 weeks. It may take between 8-12 weeks for exceptional or complex pieces to be completed.

Can you make a custom design from a photo?

Designer-inspired jewellery is a common occurrence in the jewellery industry, but for legal and more importantly for ethical reasons, our designers do not replicate other designer's work. If you would like to have a design created in a similar style or feel as a pre-existing designer piece, our designers can certainly create a distinct new piece that meets your expectations.

Where do you manufacture the piece of jewellery?

'I am brilliant, too' customized jewellery is made in Singapore by master craftsmen. In some instances, when complex pieces require very special skills and techniques that are not available in Singapore, our manufacturing partners may fabricate part of the jewellery overseas.

How can I be sure that I will like the final design?

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. For that, we have developed a clear communication procedure covering all stages of the process to ensure that the result will meet the expectations and desires of the client. We believe that frequent and honest communication with the client is essential to ensure the success of any collaborative project - one that is completed on time and within budget.

Do you have all diamonds for the proposed piece in stock?

Yes. When you meet a designer you do not only discuss design but you will also discuss about diamonds, stones and materials on site. During your consultation with the designer, you will have access to view our diamond inventory and see samples of finished pieces.

Can I use my own diamonds or gemstones? 

We are more than happy to set your heirloom diamonds or gemstones into your custom design piece. However, it is important to note that we will not be liable or responsible if the stone accidentally breaks or chips during setting. To help prevent this, we will subject stones to prior inspection for cracks, scratches, and loose or broken parts. This is to ensure that your stone is fit for the setting process.

Do you work with stones other than diamonds?

Yes, you can select any type of stone or material to create your piece of jewellery - whether it is jade, colored stones or pearls from our partner Golay Pearls. ‘I am brilliant, too’ designers are familiar with a wide range of gem materials and their use in jewellery. We also work with a variety of precious metals including 14k and 18k white, yellow and rose gold, platinum and palladium.

What is your return policy and guarantee for custom made pieces?

Custom designs are non-refundable nor exchangeable since each piece is individually created specially for you. However, we offer a five year maintenance warranty for every piece that we create. This includes cleaning, polishing, resizing, and stone tightening.

Is the stylized 'B' stamp on every piece a hallmark? What does it stand for?

The registered label/inscription 'B' on each piece of customized jewellery stands for ‘Bespoke’ and ‘Brilliant’. This is also our quality control and standards hallmark.

About Facets Singapore

Facets Singapore is one of the leading diamond wholesalers in Singapore and the South East Asian region. Through its incomparable diamond and jewellery expertise, its high ethical and professional standards, Facets has been inspiring the world of diamonds and supplying jewellery to discerning connoisseurs for over 3 decades.

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Why ‘I am brilliant, too’?

The objective of 'I am brilliant, too' is to put emerging Singapore jewellery designers on the world stage, to promote them and to facilitate the creation of bespoke designer jewellery in Singapore. There is no initiative or platform yet to support talented local designers whose skills are crucial in creating a distinct identity for the Singapore jewellery industry. Our objective therefore is to offer a path towards this goal and to position Singapore as the new centre of high-end jewellery creation in Asia.