Meet The Designer

Step 1

We’ve brought together some the most talented designers in Singapore with the brilliance and fire for designing diamond and pearl jewellery.

Every designer with 'I am brilliant too' has an exceptional affinity towards diamond, pearl and gemstone from their years of experience in diamond jewellery. A board of local and international jewellery professionals have carefully selected each of these designers who exhibit their own individual flair and style.

Discover the unique traits of our brilliant designers and the different steps to create your extraordinary piece of jewellery.

Step 2: Design Consultation ?

Design Consultation

Step 2

Your bespoke jewellery experience starts with a design consultation to fully understand your personality, aspirations, expectations, taste and dream. You will be guided through all aspects of the bespoke jewellery creation: from artistic direction, stones selection to the budget.

After validating the direction, your chosen designer will sketch or render a CAD concept for your approval without any limitations on the number of revisions. From creating the design to selecting the stones, the only objective of the designer is to create the perfect expression of your personality and something unique you would love to wear every day or for special occasions.

Step 3: Casting & Handcrafting ?

Casting & Handcrafting

Step 3

After a mutual agreement on the final design, an accurate quote will be provided and your bespoke piece of jewellery will be handcrafted in Singapore by master craftsmen and artisans using state-of-the-art techniques.

Every piece of jewellery made by us starts its life as a wax, which is later used to create a mould. Making of the bespoke piece of jewellery will then follow traditional techniques such as: casting, sizing, stone setting and polishing.

Clients are invited to inspect the work at any stage during the creation and be a part of this unique experience.

The Result: Quality Assured ?

Quality Control & Hallmarking

The Result

The completed piece of jewellery enters our quality control process where it is meticulously examined by both the designer as well as our quality controller. Only upon successful completion of this last stage will the jewellery be hallmarked.

The complete process takes between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and selection of stones.

Meet Our Designers ?